Senior Collection – '‘Hierarchy’'

"Hierarchy" Inspiration - Elizabethan Era


Flats with corresponding fabrics, all dutchess satins

Final Garments

Close-up of hand-made jewelry and accessories.

Style 2 Handmade Back Necklace

Finale Gown


My spring 2010 senior thesis portfolio “Hierarchy” collection originates from the Elizabethan Era, the time of Queen Elizabeth I. During this time, ruffles were discovered and worn by the upper class and royalty as a “hierarchical” element in dress. They used a simple string that was drawn through the upper edge of the shirt to form a ruffle. While wearing the ruffle, women also always wore another design element that would be noticed called the “Seduction Principle.” Taking this into consideration, I created my whole collection using ruffles in a new and modern way as my main design detail. The Elizabethan Era also concentrated on exaggerated shoulders and hips which is also evident in my collection. The whole thought of geometric shapes engulfing the body instead of the shape of natural body is also a prominent design detail. The elaborate beading as a second detail from the Elizabethan Era was also very inspiring to me, as one will see the hand-made exaggerated jewelry throughout my collection. Duchess satins make up my entire collection.
This collection is considered high-end designer market. One would find my line hanging next to a designer, such as Christian Lacroix. It is for the modern day glamour girl who dresses up for very special occasions, such as red carpet events and the Oscars. My current fashion idol who would wear pieces from my collection is Sarah Jessica Parker. She is fashion forward and likes to be noticed, thus making her the perfect fit for the “Hierarchy” of the new decade.